Posted by: itellhalif | May 25, 2010

Tell Halif, 2010

This summer, we will be busy studying the materials we excavated in the last three field seasons.  We have accumulated a large number of objects, pottery, and information.  The pottery needs to be reconstructed, drawn, and the pupose for each vessel needs to be determined.  The objects have to be grouped by categories and some, such as the metal objects, need to be conserved.

Animal bones, sea shells, and organic samples all need to be identified and studied by specialists, as well as all the stone tools that include grindstones, mortars, and pestles.  When all the information is in, we hope to be able to reconstruct the type of daily activities that took place in the units we uncovered.  This includes the extensive textile production that took place at the site during the 8th century BCE as well as cultic activities that were carried out in the home and work place.

We’ll try to report as often as possible, especially when we have news to report.  Check this site often; you never know what you might find.

Tell Halif: Field V, Pottery on house floor.

Tell Halif: Field V, Domestic units and workshops


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