Posted by: itellhalif | August 16, 2010

Almost Done

In a few days we’ll be going back home to Atlanta and other places such as Waco (TX) and London (England).  Some of us who came for shorter periods are already gone.  The season was quite successful.  We examined all the objects uncovered in the last three field seasons and corrected mistakes in recorded information.  We delivered all the animal bones and sea shells to their respective specialists for analysis.  We failed to make arrangements for the export of all our pottery to the US for analysis and restoration (stringent rules of the Israel Antiquities Authority), but are making arrangements for carrying out these activities here on site.  We grouped all objects according to categories so it would be easier for experts to locate them for future research.  Most impressive are the jewelry objects and objects related to cult.

Our work on the tell itself involved the clearing of some 8th century BCE structures that became overgrown with salt bush and bringing them back to light, and repairing the fences around them to, hopefully, protect them from intruding humans and herds of sheep and goats.

Some of our results can be seen below.

1. Area under cover of salt bush.

2. In the process of clearing.

3. A beautiful 8th century BCE pillared house is coming back to light.

Some of the beautiful jewelry

1. Gold earring.

2. Eighth century BCE limestone cosmetic palette.

3. Beads made of multi-colored stone.

4. A group of carnelian beads.


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