Posted by: itellhalif | June 1, 2014

Getting ready

While the staff has been here for a few days getting things ready, the students have arrived yesterday and are eager to start.  After breakfast we’ll go up to the top of the site to orient the students to the site and the task.  We know that they are suffering from jet-lag so we have to take it easy in the first few days.DCIM100MEDIAWe are going to perform a few experiments one of which is with areal photography.  In the past we used photo towers, airplanes, and blimps; this season we are going to use a helicopter drone and inserted above is one of the first photos we took in the field.  In view is the top of the tell (mound) with excavated fields after years of inaction.  We’ll be returning to the area in the center of the photo just below and to the right of the trees.



  1. I have been following the Tell Halif for the past two years as a docent with the Michael Carlos Museum. I am interested in volunteering for the 2015 summer season if it would be possible for up to four weeks. I have been to Israel several times and am willing to do anything that needs to be done. I have a writing, marketing and photography background if that is helpful at all.
    jan landau lewin – 678 637 5067. If there is a formal process for volunteering, please send me the correct contact. Thanks.

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