Posted by: itellhalif | June 6, 2015

Taking a Hike

Winepress The Group

On this beautiful Saturday morning, some of us decided to explore the area around our site, which is very rich in archaeological remains.  We hiked to Horvat Rimmon (Ruin of the Pomegranate), just one kilometer south of our site (Tell Halif=biblical Rimmon).  H. Rimmon was occupied in the Roman/Byzantine periods and has prominent remains of a synagogue and other structures, such as cave dwellings and more.  One of the ancient installations we encounters is a wine-press cut in bedrock.

So, here on the top is the wine-press and on the bottom are the hardy hikers standing in the middle of the press.



  1. 28 years ago in 1987 as an Emory student volunteer, I was snookered into going on the same hike with Dr. Borowski, thinking it would be help my grade. I believe I have a picture of the same press. I got an “A” so the hike must have helped! Anita Friedmann

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