Posted by: itellhalif | June 11, 2015

Finding Artemis

As we were clearing top soil, which was full of stone rubble, one of the William Jessup University students (Moriah Chase) noticed that one of the stones was different.  When picking it up carefully she realized she was holding the head of a stone statuette.  Being of a female and most likely dating by style to the Hellenistic period, the group working in that area decided to nickname the find “Artemis.”  She was found very close to where the other figurine head (see earlier post) was found; however, the latter was made of clay and in a mold.  Artemis, being made of stone, joins the stone arm of a statuette we discovered last year.  These finds suggest that there were local artists at Tell Halif in the Hellenistic-Roman periods.  We will need to run some tests to find the stone sources for these objects.  Unfortunately, the date of these finds cannot be determined by context (they were found in back-fill), but possibly by style.


More tomorrow.



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