Posted by: itellhalif | June 11, 2015

Hercules or Achiles

Not far from where the other figurines where found, this prominent male figurine was discovered by another William Jessup Student, Jessica Rentz, who already found earlier the figurine head of the priest (see item below).  These figurines were made of clay in molds and it would be interesting to compare all those belonging to the same group to see if they were made in the same mold.  Furthermore, it would be important to find the source of the clay to see where the figurines were made, possibly or most likely at Tell Halif.  The excavators nicknamed this figurine Achiles, because he’s missing his feet, but I think it is Hercules because it is possible to see on his shoulder and in front of his neck slight indication of the lion’s skin Hercules wore.  Maybe we should call him Hercule.


And just that you’ll know, there are more to come.



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