Posted by: itellhalif | June 13, 2015

Experimental Archaeology

One thing archaeologists are interested in knowing is how people in antiquity behaved.  How did they do the things they did?  This they do base on archaeological remains they uncover and studying the way those living in traditional societies behave.  Because we are engaged in household archaeology, one of the things that interested our team was how bread was prepared in ancient times.  Based on remains of bread ovens (tabuns) discovered in excavations, one was built by our team.  Based on a recipe secured from a traditional family the dough was prepared, and the experiment began.  Fuel of straw and pine cones was collected in the surrounding area.  Though traditional fuel consists of dung, pine cones were used for expediency.

As you can see, the dough was shaped into round cakes that were slapped on the inside of the heated bread oven; they baked and were immediately consumed by the proud bakers.


The tabun was fired.

Firing 2

The fire heated the wall


First pita was slapped on

It stays on

It stayed on

More slapped on

More pitas were added


And they were baking

Quite a crop

What a crop

The pita bread

The pita bread


They were consumed by the proud bakers

It was quite an experiment.


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