Posted by: itellhalif | June 13, 2015

How We Found the Bull’s Head

Student View

Rebekah Shen with bull’s head

Personally, the most boring part of the day is the final brush up and clean up before leaving. On Tuesday the 9th of June, it was nearing the end and Rebekah Shen (Emory Class of 2018) was diligently cleaning up her square from any loose debris. Because her section was slightly elevated, there were piles of dirt on the lower sections around the square. One second she was nonchalantly brushing this dirt into her dustpan and in the next she was holding in her hands what she initially thought was a broken handle piece of a jar. However, once inspecting the fragment more closely, it was more than a simple handle. She had found the head fragment of a clay bull that could have been used as a decoration/handle for a vessel. Such finds, no matter how small, are always exciting and aid in giving first timers as well as veterans in excavation more energy to continue digging for future finds. Way to go Rebekah!

-Faith Huh (Class of 2016)



  1. Another bull! Love it.

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