Posted by: itellhalif | June 18, 2015

The Figurine Race

Third week of the season is practically over because tomorrow we are going on a trip. We’ll start with a visit to the ancient city of Beersheba, then to Tel Arad and the next day to Masada and several sites along the Jordan Valley with overnight in Tiberias. Then to Hazor and Dan on the border with Lebanon, and back to Lahav (our temporary home) via Megiddo and Caesarea.

To underline the end of the third week, some fascinating discoveries were made, among them two by Moriah Chase from William Jessup University.  Both are mold-made clay figurine fragments from the Persian/Hellenistic period (see others below); one is s base that has only the two feet of the figure it originally depicted, but the second one shows a young seated male wrapped in a toga holding a harp or lyre in his left arm.  He is only missing his head.  One can say that he lost his head at Tell Halif.

Harp player

Base& HarpOther finds include carnelian and glass beads and much pottery, which is in the process of being recovered on the floor of the house where it was used next to a tabun (bread oven) under the collapsing walls and ceiling.


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