Posted by: itellhalif | June 4, 2016

Shabbat at Tell Halif

As in the past, we paid a visit to the nearby site of Horvat Rimmon (Ruin of Rimmon) known in Arabic as Umm er-Rammamin (Mother of the Pomegranates).  Because it was a hot day, supposedly 105 degrees, we went there early this morning and by car.  We visited the ancient synagogue being conserved and partially reconstructed by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).


Here is a photo of the synagogue complex with a residential cave in the lower left used by Bedouin and their felahin (peasants) sharecroppers till 1948.

As in previous years, we visited the ancient wine press across the valley and took this group picture.  We also visited the Roman/Byzantine cemetery and an ancient quarry.


The group stands behind the treading floor with the collection vats in front.


You might wonder how we take the aerial photos.  Well, we use a drone.


The drone above Field V.

Dr. Seung Ho Bang controls the drone and takes the photos.  We have two cameras, the fish-eye original and Seung’s camera which he attached below.


Seung at the controls.

We are still experimenting with the angles and elevations of the drone for best quality photos.


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