Posted by: itellhalif | June 5, 2016

Beginning Second Week

For 40 years, Avi Navon, member of Kibbutz Lahav, has been our liaison.  Without Avi many of our problems could not have been solved.  In addition, every year, Avi and his wife Geula host us for dinner.  So, last night we visited them and had dinner at their place.


The summer 2016 Tell Halif group at Avi’s place.  (Avi on right)

Our efforts with the drone help us identify the residential units along the city wall on the southwest side of the tell.  Here are a few of the units marked showing their shared walls while inside they have their separate, individual configurations.

IMG_2932 copy.jpg

The houses have about the same size and they were built against the city wall marked with the heavier line. We are now in the process of clarifying the relationship between the two houses on the left and whether there is a street on their inner side.


Close-up of the two houses.



  1. Loving the aerial views. The drone is a wonderful addition.

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