Posted by: itellhalif | June 7, 2016

Super Day

Yesterday, on the 5th anniversary of her passing, we christened our drone Patty2, in memory of our beloved staff photographer, Patty O’Connor-Seger, who gave us during Phases I and II so many beautiful pictures and memories.

morning 6.7

This morning we devoted some time to group pictures.  We took pictures of the whole group, of the staff, of student groups by school.  Here is a selection:




The Staff


The Emory University Bunch


The William Jessup University Group


As we look from space

For those who are concerned that we did not earned our breakfast (and lunch), here is proof that we continued to work removing balks between the squares uncovering many interesting things, such as remains of substantial floors from the Roman period.  And these were established directly on top of the late eighth century destruction we attribute to Sennacherib.  More on the latter later.


Areas A7 and A8 of Field V as they join Area L8 in Field IV (left)


For Patty


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