Posted by: itellhalif | June 8, 2016

Hot Day

It was not as hot as it could have been, but it was hot enough that we could say that it was a hot day.  It started with a southern wind, but at about 11 am the direction changed and our daily western wind returned and it was bearable.

We started the day with some drone pictures.  Our work shows that during the Roman period there was a noticeable occupation on the tell, especially on the southwestern edge.  Up until now we knew that there were major activities (agricultural?) taking place on the tell during the Roman/Byzantine period, but no evidence of residential occupation was found.  Now, without any shadow of a doubt we can say that residential structures occupied this part of the tell in the Roman period as evidenced by the walls, related floors and pottery dated to that period.

IMG_3278 copy.jpg


The Roman structure in this photo was built directly on top of the late 8th century BCE destruction layer.  Its relationship to floors and other walls from the Roman period will be further checked.

A small oil lamp (see location) was discovered later in the day after this photo was taken, together with other pottery probably from the 8th century destruction.  At first glance, the lamp is similar to the ones we discovered in previous seasons and labelled Kernos (or votive) lamps.  Tomorrow we will clear the area, photograph it and probably be able to say more about the nature of the lamp and surrounding pottery.

So, stay tuned.


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