Posted by: itellhalif | June 10, 2016

End of Second Week

Today is Friday and is the end of our second week.  Most of our students behave in most cases as if they know what they are doing.  They can take levels, use different kinds of tools, and even start to recognize different types of pottery.

We are in the midst of dismantling a structure we consider to be from the Roman period that was built directly on top the destruction level of the late 8th century BCE.  Being built of massive stones makes it hard to take it apart without causing damage to what is below, which we are trying to preserve for as long as possible in order to be able to document it properly (photograph, draw, etc.) and then collect it systematically so we can reconstruct the vessels and their exact location.


Here is this structure, the one with large stones left of center, in the process of removal.


Compare it with this picture taken two days earlier.

The Roman structure is constructed and surrounded by pottery in situ from the destruction I mentioned earlier.


With good eyes you can see some of the pottery below the two buckets in the middle and some is covered for protection with bags left of the large pillar.


Much pottery from the same destruction level is appearing in the area at the top of this photo.  Next week we will be busy documenting and collecting all this pottery.  I assume that in future years we’ll be busy reconstructing all this pottery.


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