Posted by: itellhalif | June 12, 2016

Week 3 Begins

There is nothing better than starting the week with a beautiful photograph like this one.


First morning of week 3.

We also photographed some pottery we uncovered last week but left in situ for broader exposure.


Here you can see two small oil lamps (one behind the other) both handmade, but following the Iron II form.  Next to them, on a floor, was found a juglet.

In the next Area, a large assemblage was found crushed on the floor lying under a heavy layer of black destruction material.


Notice the cobbled surface in the corner of the walls, the one at the upper portion of the photo is late (Roman?) and the one on the left is Iron II.  The large stone next to it to the right is a saddle quern (grinding stone) lying on top of the floor covered with much pottery and destruction debris.

we started removing the pottery and other associated objects using our “magic square” system dividing the area into 50×50 units each given a separate pottery basket number and plotted on the top plan.  This enables us to locate each of the pottery baskets on the top plan, reconstruct the vessels and plot their location on the plan.

We continue to recover Persian/Hellenistic figurine fragments coming from the bottom of the fill overlying the area.

Pottery removal will continue tomorrow.


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