Posted by: itellhalif | June 14, 2016

Our Destruction Layer

Most people meeting an archaeologist would ask: “what was the best thing you ever discovered?”  If they meet an archaeologist during a field season they would ask: “Did you discover anything?”  In the Land of Israel the second question should be disallowed; no matter where you dig you would find “something.”  The first question should be answered with “It depends” on what you (the questioner) consider “best.”  Probably a museum piece preferably gold.

This morning everyone was back in shape; everyone was healthy again and we hope it’ll last to the end of the season.  We decided to start the day with recording the destruction layer we are uncovering.  These were going to be ‘working photos’ just for the record, but not for publication.  We did it from the ground and with our drone.




Notice the “yuge” amount of pottery embedded in the destruction layer below the cobbled surface, which is obviously later.  How late we do not know yet.  The one big stone in the back is a grinding stone lying on the same surface as the pottery, though maybe on a raised platform.  The outlined squares help us with the recovery of the materials.


Here you can see some of it from above.  Notice the wholemouth jar near the grinding stone that was probably used to collect the flour.

During the day we removed the cobbled surface so tomorrow we’ll continue to uncover the rest of the floor with the destruction debris.  We’ll try to preserve in situ as much as possible though it’s pretty hard since the smashed pottery did not originate from the same level.

In the next Area we encountered a series of surfaces, which we will photograph tomorrow, showing that occupation in these houses lasted for a long time.

Meanwhile, we took a tour of the tell and went to explore Field III.  Those familiar with the site might feel nostalgic seeing what it looks like today.


This is Field III today.


Fields IV and V.


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