Posted by: itellhalif | June 16, 2016

End of Week 3

It is hard to believe that week 3 is over.  Tomorrow the group will go on its long weekend trip that literally covers the country from Beersheba to Dan (and more).  We accomplished quite a bit.  This morning one of the students noticed that where we yesterday removed a layer of ash (see yesterday’s photo) a round feature can be seen.  We got organized in haste and photographed it.


The round feature, here next to the pillar, must have been the source of much of the ash, and seems to had functioned as a hearth.


Here it can be seen at the top left corner of the pillar.

Area A8 of Field V and Area L8 of Field IV yielded a tremendous amount of pottery which came from the ground floor and from the upper floor and the roof of the building when it collapsed.


The dark patches between the pillar and the grinding installation produced utilitarian pottery, storage jars, bowls, and other types.  The three big stones at the top of the picture were removed today.  They belonged to a later structure as well as a series of surfaces all of which were removed.  What it looks like you’ll be able to see Monday.


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