Posted by: itellhalif | June 20, 2016

Week 4

Back from the trip over the long weekend, everyone got back to work with gusto.  There are too many things still needing clarification.  This morning we took another series of drone photos and the one below contains most of the elements we are investigating.


Let’s start from the top.The square stone in the middle is the top of a pillar we are trying to find out the depth of its foundations.  As of now, it appears that it was used in more than one phase of occupation of the house.  The stones above it to its right seem to form some kind of a pavement which we are trying to identify its limits.  The dark circle on the upper left of this pillar seems to be the remains of a hearth we discussed earlier.

In the middle of the photo there is another pillar, which is leaning.  BTW, that’s why we refer to this type of house as “Pillar House.”  To its left we removed a series of floors, and a late wall (possibly from the Roman period), all of which were built on a destruction layer from the late 8th century BCE.  We removed most of the destruction layer that contained a “yuge” amount of restorable ceramics (storage and wholemouth jars, bowls, kraters, jugs, cooking pots, etc.).  We are exposing the installation surrounding the large grinding stone with a wholemouth jar still standing next to it.

Another circular installation is being exposed further down at the edge of the digging area (square) and we are trying to expose the rest of the wall running up-down on the right side of the photo.

Yes, the photo tomorrow will show that we made some progress.  Tune it.


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