Posted by: itellhalif | June 21, 2016

We Are Working

The morning starts like this.  Nice and calm.


Beautiful sunrise every morning, sometimes it’s foggy or cloudy and sometimes clear and warm and then we know that it’s going to be a hot day.  We get organized for  work quickly; assignments are made and people take their positions right away.  We set up the transit, our elevation measuring instrument, and get busy.  If we have to take close up photos we wait until we have the appropriate light; otherwise we get the drone ready and take some pictures showing what was accomplished the day before.



It is becoming clear that the cobbles above the grinding installation and left of the leaning pillar belong to a surface;the question is whether the circular feature above the cobbled surface is intentional or of our creation.  We are checking it.  In the meantime we verified that the wall on the left has courses from the floor up, and that the wall on the right continued further down.  We are doing the same with the wall on the left and the circular installation in-between.


In the area next to the upright pillar, here at the bottom of the photo, where the hearth was discovered (see earlier notes), we found an interesting feature which we cannot explain (yet!).  Below the surface of the hearth we found a bowl placed on a base made of a couple of stones and surrounded by mud brick.  This lies almost at the founding level of the pillar, which we haven’t reached yet.  It was covered by a series of floors and is adjacent to a cobbled surface the extent of which we don’t know yet.

Tomorrow morning we will photograph this feature, remove it and see what we can learn from the remains below.


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