Posted by: itellhalif | June 26, 2016

Final Photos

We planned to take final photos this morning, but it’s not the finale.  As you can see from the photo below, we were fogged in and had to wait quite a while for the fog to lift off enough for us to take pictures.



We took aerial photos of the excavated areas and close up photos of certain features.  But the finds keep coming and we cannot leave them behind, so we are making a push to get as much as we can out of our Pillared House before ending the season.


Here is a good view of Area A7.  Left of the meter stick is an pit which today yielded pieces of metal.  So much work is still left to be done with this pit, which possibly contains remains of metallurgical activities.


Area A8 is full of surprises.  The probe between the pillars produced elements of several floors with pottery and loom weights sandwiched in between.  The so-called mortar (can be seen above the two large stones above the meter stick) could be a base for a warp-weighted loom.  (for details see photo below.)

The room in the bottom left located in Area A9 has on its floor much pottery including two dipper juglets, storage jar, and an oil lamp.  Tomorrow after photographing it in situ we’ll collect all of this.


The so-called mortar in Area A8.


On the whole, this season in Field V was incredible because we succeeded to accomplish our goal of joining Fields IV and V and uncovering the pillared house these two fields share.  While there is still some work to be done during the rest of the week, and although we might not recover every bit of information related to this house, we are satisfied in what we managed to accomplish.


So, here is Field V North with its neighbor Field IV South.


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