Posted by: itellhalif | June 27, 2016


This little room (and it’s only a part of it) produced a large collection of materials.


See for yourselves and look at what we got.


There are two dipper juglets, an oil lamp, loom weights,a pounder, jars, and a bone spatula used in weaving.

However, the biggest surprise turned up this morning.  The area between the two pillars with the mortar on its floor was ready for photography.


The area was cleaned and…


the plan was that as soon as photography took place the destruction debris overlaying it would be removed and we would be done with this area.



as this working photograph shows, rows of loom weights started popping up and we ended up getting the area ready for photography tomorrow morning.  Then, the systematic removal of the loom weights will begin as we will number, measure, and wrap in foil each loom weight to be examined later by an expert.  We hope that this information, together with plotting the exact location of each weight, will enable the determination of what kind of cloth was woven here.


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