Posted by: itellhalif | July 7, 2016

What is this?

When archaeologists find an object they cannot identify they tend to assign it a cultic function.  During the last few days of our work in the Area A8 house we discovered on the floor a ceramic vessel that has a special form and structure.


The vessel in situ

We cannot explain the function of this vessel and invite you to submit suggestions about its use.  Following are three views of the vessels:




Any ideas?



  1. Looks like an ancient samovar… hot coals in the central column heat the liquid in the surrounding vessel… tea anyone?

    • The central column is too narrow for anything but liquid or steam.

  2. Ancient bundt cake pan?

    • One of our suggestions is “a steamer” like the kind you use for vegetables.

  3. something to do with pumping gas?

    • Where is the handle? We think it’s “a steamer.”

  4. I think it looks like a ‘high tech’ funnel.

    • The form of wide in the bottom and narrow at the top suggests that it’s not a funnel but it must be some kind of a conduit for liquids or steam.

  5. Looks like an ancient samovar. Hot coals in center column heat liquid held by surrounding vessel…tea anyone?

    • Could be a “steamer.”

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