Posted by: itellhalif | June 8, 2017

Back @the Site

We arrived a few days ago (June 2) to the site and immediately set up our work areas.  This summer we’ll be busy processing the finds from previous seasons in preparation for final publication.  This will take some time, but every long march has to start with the first step.  We contacted the local specialists and arranged for delivering to them the samples (animal bones, shells) they need to examine.  By previous arrangement, we are hosting an expert on Hellenistic figurines, who took some time off from her work in Cyprus and with one of her students came to examine the figurines we discovered in the last six seasons.  According to her, some of the figurines are exquisite in terms of themes, quality of clay and artistic execution.  When her report is ready, we hope to publish it.  Same with the other finds.

We are busily working on pottery restoration and description.  Restoration is slow and tedious, but we are making progress.  Unfortunately, our artist couldn’t join us this summer so the drawing of the pottery and other objects will wait for next summer.

Since the figurines are so exquisite, we believe that Tell Halif in the Hellenistic period had an important role to play.  We are making arrangements to have the source of the clay for these figurines identified.  Were they made on site?  If so, there were very capable artists/artisans living here? Or they were itinerant, but as far as we know some of the theme are exclusive to our site.  Were the figurines made elsewhere and imported to our site?  If so, Halif was important enough to attract importation of figurines.

Many questions to answer and we hope to get a picture of what was going on in the period of the figurine production.



  1. glad to hear about your work continuing. how about posting some photos of the exquisite figurines?

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