Posted by: itellhalif | June 9, 2017

First Week

It has been a week since we got here.  First thing we did was to set up a lab with work stations.

Lab View_0015.JPG

Lab Overview

We are doing several things simultaneously: recording, arranging samples for distribution to specialists, restoring pottery, studying figurines.

Figurine Study_0012.JPG

Figurines Study

As I indicated yesterday, we have high quality figurines and the amazing thing is that at least three were made in the same mold.  We will test the figurines to find the source of the clay and see if they were locally produced or imported.  Either way, it seems that Tell Halif was an important site in the Hellenistic period.


Pottery Sherds to be Reconstructed

We didn’t waste time and we already have some results in the form of reconstructed vessels and parts of vessels.

Restored Holemouth_0002.JPG

Restored Holemouth Jar

Restored  jug_0001.JPG

Restored Jug

So, here is to a successful first week.  Some of us are about to go to Jerusalem for the weekend.



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