Posted by: itellhalif | June 22, 2017


At the end of our third week, we can show some results.

Tim w:jar_0005.JPG

Tim, who is in charge of the pottery reconstruction process, is proudly holding a partially reconstructed four-handled, lmlk-type storage jar.  You can see how intricate the job is, but looking at it from  another (inside) angle you might get more impressed.

Restored storage jar_0006.JPG

There are a few more pieces that belong to this jar; however, the problem is to find the place where they can be attached safely.

One of the vessels presently under reconstruction is a wide-mouth cooking pot.  The difficulty is in the make-up of the vessel that is very brittle and hard to glue together.

Restored cooking pot_0002.JPG

Cynthia is working on it with much patience.


The collection we are working on includes all sorts of domestic vessels.  Here is a bowl held by Timothy while it is drying and waiting for further reconstruction.

Restored bowl_0001.JPG




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