Posted by: itellhalif | June 28, 2017

Last Week

Here we are in our final week of the 2017 summer study season.  We are in the process of cleaning up and putting away the materials, equipment, and supplies.  This summer we worked on three topics: delivering samples for analyses; conducting specific studies; and reconstructing pottery.

Samples distributed for analysis included animal bones, shells, and organic matter.  Studies conducted on site included lithics, stone and clay figurines (to be continued), and ground stones and tools.  Samples for source analysis of clay for the figurines are still to be taken to help find out whether the figurines were locally made.

Pottery reconstruction was done mostly on vessels recovered from the A8 House.  Some of the reconstruction could not be brought to completion because not all pieces were available.  We had to resort to using contraptions for support with the hope that next year we can find the rest of the jars.

Storage jar reconst_0001.JPG

Here is another example:

Storage jar reconst_0002.JPG

The largest, though incomplete, jar we reconstructed is this holemouth storage jar that was used most likely for storage of grain.

Holemouth reconst_0006.JPG


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